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Our Signature Sourdough is offered in three different shapes and sizes. Two sizes of boules, 24 oz and 16 oz & 24 oz Loaf.

Boule, 24 oz. $7.00  Qty: Price:
Loaf, 24 oz. $7.00  Qty: Price:
 Piccolo Boule, 16 oz.$5.00 Sorry, out of stock.

Our Sourdough is a slow-fermented bread. Made with a sourdough starter and live fermented culture, which acts as a natural leavening agent. We bulk ferment the dough and then shape it up in different ways. We offer a 16 oz and 24 oz Boule and a 24 oz Loaf.

Enjoy our signature sourdough bread with a blistered crust and chewy texture!

Ingredients: Wheat Flour Enriched, Water, Whole Wheat Flour, Levain, Salt

    Order and pay for your bread online and pick it up at one of our Pick-up locations. Silver Lake Mall, in Hayden, ID. Every Saturday & Thursday from 10am - 2pm. Place an order and pick it up at Brickel Creek Coffee or Old West Hardware in Spirit Lake every Thursday's and Saturdays.