Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ordering deadline?

Our order deadline is two days in advance of the date of delivery or pick-up, we ask that your order is placed by 10am two days prior. For example: if you want to pick up your bread on Saturday, we ask that you place your order by 10am on Thursday. The majority of our bread is long fermented using a pre-fermented starter to release to break down the gluten and release all the nutritious minerals.

How Long Will Your Breads Keep?

Well, hopefully you enjoy them so much they don’t last long! Some of our breads should be enjoyed quickly, like our French Baguette. The French Baguette is best eaten within 36 hours of purchasing or it should be wrapped in Plastic Wrap and frozen until you are ready.

Other breads can keep on the counter for several days. Keep them wrapped in plastic wrap and as the days pass you might want to toast them to slightly soften the crumb back to its original texture.
Remember never microwave the bread or leave it in direct sunlight, this will deteriorate the quality of the bread.

Should I keep the Bread in the Refrigerator?

NO! refrigerating bread of any kind might help keep it from molding but all bread stales more quickly at refrigerator temperatures. Keep your bread on the counter wrapped in plastic if you plan to eat it over several days or cut it in half and freeze part of it in plastic wrap. It will keep for a few months in the freezer just fine.

Freezing Bread Tips

Having Bread in the freezer is the perfect way for you to ensure that you always have a great loaf available whenever you want it. We highly suggest that you purchase a couple extra loaves and wrap them tight in Plastic Wrap and freeze them. Any freezer that works properly and keeps temperatures around 0 F or lower is perfect.
You can freeze your bread whole or cut it in half, or freeze it in slices. Just simply wrap in the portions you intend to thaw and eat it.

Thawing your Breads

When you’re ready to thaw out a loaf, half or slices just pull it out and set it on the counter to thaw for a few hours before you open that plastic wrap. Make sure all the moisture in the plastic wrap gets reabsorbed into the loaf where it belongs before unwrapping and slicing it.

Once the loaf is thawed the crust will have softened a lot from when it was first baked so you can reheat the whole loaf at 350 degrees to rejuvenate that crust.
Or simply slice off what you want and eat it as is or toast it. We often toss a few slices under the broiler just to liven them back up.

Ways to prepare your bread

Grilling and Broiling:

Pick your favorite loaf and cut it into thick slices, approximately 1 inch but thicker is fine. Brush each side with Olive Oil and grill or Broil your bread. For a little pizzazz take some raw garlic and rub it all over the bread after its toasted!
Now take your bread to the table and dip it into any sauce, juice, butter or cheese of your liking. Your only problem now is, you didn’t grill enough bread!
If you want to freshen up your bread you can heat the entire loaf at 350F or 5-7 min.
As your bread sits for several days it may become excessively chewy and lose some moisture. Make a Panzanella Salad or some Croutons. Make French Toast or for a delicious treat use it for bread pudding!

What Ingredients do you use & are they Organic?

Our breads are not organic, although we strive to use organic ingredients whenever we can. Our ingredients are mostly Flour water and Salt, but I can elaborate a bit more. Our flour is Unbleached and Un-bromated bread flour. We also use whole grain flours like 100% Whole Wheat and Dark Rye Flour, unrefined salt and clean mountain water.

We use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in just a couple breads, our Garlic and Ciabatta loaves. And Unsalted Butter in the brioche and hamburger buns. The majority of our breads are lean and have no added fat or oils. Please check out the specific ingredient labels for more detail.  

Do you use commercial yeast?

We use commercial yeast in a few of our products. We use it sparingly when we do use it, however several of breads are free of Commercial Yeast.

What is a Crust Account? 

We invite you to join our Community Supported Bakery Program with a Crust Account. With a Crust Account you can get your favorite bread on a regular basis, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly. You can make changes to your orders before our order deadline, add or take away items so you can try all of our breads! By including your email address with your account, you will get an email notification 24 hours before a bread order deadline so you can make all the changes you want! For a little added convenience, you can put your bread program on hold in case you have way too much bread or are going on vacation.

If the Crust Account is not for you no problem

You can order occasionally all from the convenience of your computer or phone through our site.

Making Changes to your Crust Account

You can change your Crust Account options anytime by simply logging in to your account, scroll to the bottom, find your current crust account and click on it. Once you are in the new window look to the right side of the screen and choose the option Change Crust Account. Select the new options to fit your needs and click Change.

Putting your Crust account on hold 

If you would like to temporarily put your account on hold for any reason you can follow these steps:
Log into your account, Click on the date(s) you would like to put on hold and click the Hold Delivery under your name.

Canceling your Crust Account

Log into your account. In the My Co-Op Subscriptions list choose "View/Modify Crust Account". Right under the name of the Crust Account click Modify and then navigate to the button to cancel your crust account. Your Login will be saved in our system so you can still access your account to start a new subscription at any time.

You can add to your Crust Account anytime! 

You can purchase additional breads to go along with your Crust Account orders, just follow our order deadline schedule above! You can schedule your additional breads for single delivery, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

If you have any questions please contact us! We will help you navigate the site or update your account for you!

We respect your privacy!

We do not share your information. The information you provide to us is stored for ordering, billing, delivery, and communication purposes only.