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Enjoy a selection of bread from our menu weekly, bi-weekly or monthly! Order and pay from your phone or computer and pick up your bread at the drop location closest to you! And you receive a 20% discount on Crust Account Items!

Classic Crust, 2 - Sourdough Loaf - auto-renews $11.20 Price:
Creative Crust, 2 - Roasted Garlic - auto-renews $12.80 Price:
Hearty Crust, 2 - Divine 9 Loaf - auto-renews $12.80 Price:
Variety Crust -1 Divine 9 Grain & 1 Sourdough Loaf - auto-renews $14.40 Price:
Delivery frequency

We invite you to join our Community Supported Bakery Program with a Crust Account. With a Crust Account you can get your favorite bread on a regular basis, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly. You can make changes to your orders before our order deadline, add or take away breads so you can try everything we have to offer! By including your email address with your account, you will get an email notification 24 hours before a bread order deadline so you can make all the changes you want. For a little added convenience, you can put your Crust Account on hold so you can go on a trip or go on vacation! And there is no obligation, you can cancel anytime.

    Order and pay for your bread online and pick it up at one of our Pick-up locations. Silver Lake Mall, in Hayden, ID. Every Saturday & Thursday from 10am - 2pm. Place an order and pick it up at Brickel Creek Coffee or Old West Hardware in Spirit Lake every Thursday's and Saturdays.